Friday, 7 September 2012

Best & Worst Dressed Celebs This Week!!!!!!

Well its been a busy week in the world of gossip and celeb fashion magazines. But the do's and donts for this week, obviously proove the difference between those who know how to style or are hiring the right fashion stylist and those who should either hire a stylist or sack one!!!

For week ending 6/9/2012

Best Dresseed Award goes to.........Blake Lively wearing Gucci on 1/9/2012 at Gucci Premiere Fragrance Launch in Venice

Love the Berrylicious chose of colour and how well tailoured the dress is, she wears it effortlessly, doesnt look like she's tried too hard, which is what I really love about it!

A simular dress can be found at Jane Norman

Worst Dresseed Award goes to.........Kim Kardashian...On two seperate occassions this week

Dont do it Kim...noooooooooooooo....too late she already has, even Givenchy get it wrong! Back to the wardrobe.