Thursday, 27 September 2012

Fashion Designer: Tom Ford

After Tom Fords latest SS2013 collection at London Fashion week got the seal of approval from fashion editors everywhere. Especially for his sport luxe, his boots might have a tinge of bondage wrapped feel about them but his tailouring was one of the most sought after pieces on the catwalk. 




Best known for turning around Gucci Fashion house but he also has an oscar nominated film under his belt, "A Single Man".  Tom is very much in tune with his Globe troting  woman- side, than styling his local celeb. His pieces don't have a futuristic forward look about them but are instilled with class and well-tailoured styling. But the designer found something new to say in clean white and silver, contrasting with a darker vision. In his own words he described his collection as: “chastity and perversity.” 







Ford really didnt discover his love of fashion before he worked at fashion house Chloe in Paris. Though his work involved sending clothes out on photo shoots, it triggered his love of fashion. 






The Texas born Ford, once graduated with an architecture degree from New School, he then persisted calling Cathy Hardwick, an american fashion designer. She was highly dismissive at first but then relented in giving Tom an interview. She recalls "I had every intention of giving him no hope. I asked him who his favorite European designers were. He said, 'Armani and Chanel.' Months later I asked him why he said that, and he said, 'Because you were wearing something Armani'.






Ford worked with her for 2 years before moving to Perry Ellis where he knew both company president Robert McDonald and the infamous Marc Jacobs. 






Ford stayed with them for 2 years before wanting to enter into european fashion, with the then faltering fashion house Gucci. Ford's role at Gucci soon expanded as within 6 months of being there he was designing menswear and then shoes and then Creative Director in 1994. 






By the time ford left Gucci in 2004, the company was valued at around £6bn a far cry from the almost bankrupt company when he first joined.  

In wasn't until 2009 that Ford discovered his film directional talents with the release of "A Single Man" which starred Colin Firth and Julianne Moore.  Ford was nominated for two awards in 2009 including Best First Feature and Best First Screenplay from the  Independent Spirit Awards.



Tom's ambition and drive to enter into new media environments will evidentally assist in his continuing rise as a fashion designer. Ans I for one look forward to seeing his future collections.