Thursday, 20 September 2012

Fashion for the Colder Months Ahead!

Now that summer is over, yes I can admit it, and in some parts Im quite glad, as I don't think I'm going to misss broderie anglaise, and I can't see myself pining for Hawaiian tropical prints. We all begin to miss summer when the temperature falls and the garden begins to dull, but I don't think many of us really miss the trends. Summer has allways been regarded as a silly season for fashion, its fun for a limited period, but the novelty quickly wears off.

This Autumn, the change in fashion is not really a trend so much as a mood. Fashion has got darker, a little more sober. If summer was the season of ice cream parlour colours, autumn is one of bluebottle shades, rich blues, blacks and greens, with texture and plenty of shine. The clothes on the catwalk for AW12 were all very covered up. This might state the obvious, with the colder climate but Ive seen many catwalk events which don't have the same regard to the onset of autumn weather.

A coat is always the mainstay in any winter wardrobe and the new on-trend look is somewhere between the junior-princess style that dominated fashion a few years ago, with its cutesy styling, Peter pan collars and androgynous parka and blazer styles. The new look could be classified as the Town coat, an elegant look with velvet trim and an air of sleek competence. 

The new season is poised between femininity and androgyny, which means you will find the high street covered with lace panelling on coats, there will also be a selection of fine leather versions of the trench coat. Another major trend to make a note of is the use of embellished collars and studs on items from shoes to jumpers.

There is also going to be the hipster neckline, which is of collarbone height or higher. Both a crew neck or polo neck were the designers favourite from New York to Milan. However many woman don't want to cover up their decollete, the one area of flesh that they still feel good about!





So to some up the new season is all about covering up more with darker and shinier colours. Look out for trendy trench coats and keep in mind colours from blue, green and black! Not to mention plenty of studs and embellishment! stick with this and you can't go much wrong!