Thursday, 27 September 2012

Fashion Icon: David Beckham

With his sucessful collection of  body wear for H&M now on a global scale. I'll look at why David Beckham is such a style and fashion icon.



This is David Beckham clutching a Louis Vuitton bag in 1997 and his popstar girlfriend,Victoria Adams.






David wearing Rockport boots in 1998 after announcing his engagement to Victoria.

David in 1998 at his book launch wearing slacks and sandals

A Leather clad duo in 1999.

David with bandana and pleated shirt in 2000


Back in 2001 David modelled in a striped suit for Police

David wearing a beanie hat in 2002, the start of a love affair which you'll see more of later

David still loves his beanie in 2005 with a distressed brown leather jacket






Becks in 2005 with Tony Blair in the build up to host the 2012 Olympics


Beckham looking very smart in 2007

David in 2009 showing some of his best assets for Emporio Armani.  

David with his neutrally clad mac and matching hat in December 2009.

Becks at the Royal wedding in 2011. 

Becks now in 2012 with his sucessful bodywear range for H&M 






Becks proving that his a devoted husband as he supports his wife at New York Fashion Week 2012