Thursday, 27 September 2012

Fashion Icon: Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne, with her appearances on the ever popular Fashion Police wowed from the front row of both London and New York Fashion Week. With her very direct and articulate demonstrations of fashion vocab she openly admits to her insecurities. Despite losing over 4 and a half stone she still views herself as an FFP (Former Fat Person). Which means rather than revel in her new super-slim appearance, she said "People who are larger then lose weight will always look in the mirror and see themselves as that fat girl". She then goes on to say about her bullying "When you're an FFP, you will always see in yourself what people used to bully you for". 

I feel Kelly is truely an inspirational person, not only is she inspiring women across the planet to get into shape and not to find their comfort blanket in food, but with her open vocabulary she allows us to see her vulnerable side and how fashion can inspire you to get what you want. If you have a passion for something don't be a victim and follow that desire and look deep within yourself and you'll accomplish it.

Kelly first found inspiration for fashion affter appearing on her family show "The Osbournes", where she was noted for her keen eye for fashion. It wasn't long before she launched her own fashion line called Stiletto Killers with her friend and former sponsor, Ali Barone.The line was rock-inspired line of knickers, hoodies and sweatpants with cartoonish designs and punk rock phrases. 

In 2006, she became the face of Accessorize, the high street chain. In the spring of that year, Osbourne modeled with Naomi Campbell. 


In 2010, she modelled a Chris Benz dress for Naomi's Fashion For Relief runway show for the White Ribbon Alliance to raise funds for mothers in Haiti.

In January 2011 Kelly replaced Taylor Momsen as the face of Madonna's fashion line Material Girl.