Thursday, 20 September 2012

Fashion Victor not Victim!

Nobody wants to become a fashion victim. Of course with the onset of fashion programs from Fashion Police to snippets on This Morning, we can all learn the basics about fashion. Even guys are now learning that to become a fashion victor is not all that easy!  So if guys want to be ahead in the fashion game, they've got to take note of the latest fashion trends hitting the catwalk for AW12.





Gone are the days for guys to turn up wearing V-necked jumpers, boot-cut jeans and trendy workmen boots to draw attention!  This is all fine but there is the downside to invisibility as every guy is now beginning to dress like everyone else too. 






So to get noticed is to stay ahead of the game and here's how. Invest in a trendy jumper, not the reindeer type, but to stand out you'll be looking for houndstooth prints to baroque styling.  Look for prints that stand out and are very eye catching, even if its an unusual colour but stay away from neons!






Guys you'll have to impress so Dress up, not down. Try to look for fine materials, slightly restrained colours. Match this with corduroy trousers and a well-cut wool flannel jacket. 





Be careful of lumberjack looks, although this look can seem still very trendy and current unless you work as a lumber jack can look a bit odd at times, so try to look for a more classical approach. Dressing for this season is not about jumping on the current trends and maxing out styles but more about relishing change and staying visible. Even the very smallest of  tweaks can spring up your look, use it wisely and you'll become noticeable for this AW12 season.