Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Is Lady Gaga a style icon?

Lady Gaga who only recently won an award for her 'crazy flair' as she was named a fashion icon at the Council of Fashion Designers for America  (CDFA) Awards.




She's always been known for her wacky hairdos and crazy outfits, not sure which way the Fashion-o-meter will swing!   So Is the Born This Way singer - who tried to shock the world by wearing a meat dress at MTV's Video Music Awards - the new fashionista? 






In fashion, i'm an advocate for pushing the barriers and discovering new fashion ground and I believe in trying to follow your own fashion, as fashion is an extension of your personality, which is exactly what Lady Gaga does. With such a big personality you need big bold fashion and this is exactly what Gaga brings to the table!. Love her or loathe her there's clearly only one Lady Gaga.