Wednesday, 19 September 2012

One of the Most influencial Women in Fashion: Anna Wintour

The fashion world is a very creative and fascinating place. Some people would argue that the world would be a far duller and less beautiful place without fashion. But like all very prominent worlds they wouldn't exist without very powerful people making a fabulous, glamorous, entertaining, beautiful, exquisite world. And one of these powerhouses is Anna Wintour.  From her trademark pageboy bob and wrap around sunglasses, Anna has never been one to just blend into the crowd. Whilst still the editor and chief of US Vogue, a position she's held since 1988 from which she has been largely praised for her keen fashion eye and support for helping new designers. With her being regarded as aloof and very demanding gained her the nickname of "Nuclear Wintour".  

Why is she one of the most influencial people in fashion? well  she can decide a designer's fate the way one decides what outfit to wear today. One example of this is when she promoted Michael Kors to the point that he became a well known designer not only in USA , but abroad as well. Now Michael Kors's success around the world is undeniable, with high-fashion boutiques open in dozens of countries.


She's more recently been noted for being the main influence in the best selling novel and film "The Devil wears Prada". Miranda Priestly, is widely believed to be based on Anna, although the author never admitted it openly. Anna makes a cameo appearance at the end of the book, where it is said that she and Miranda don't like each other.  Her power was also demonstrated in the making of the film as designers stayed away from doing any cameo appearances  in case of Anna's disapproval with only one exception Valentino.