Saturday, 22 September 2012

Parlez-vous Fashion!

New Terms and words in the world of fashion spring up everywhere and anywhere, so here we'll be looking at some of the new ones hitting the headlines!

HEADSPACE noun The bliss that comes from shaking out your tight topknot


FLAT SWAP noun The wall round the corner from your work where you privately perch to change out of your flats into heels


KNIT HAPPENS noun The tricky transitional season between summer and autumn, when only a light knit will suffice.



SHHHTAIN noun A Stain on your pencil skirt that  you're pretending doesn't exist



BROCAID adj/noun The sprucing up of an ordinary look with something gold, printed and/or textured.



SPANX-TRAX noun The medical scar-like lines on your hips when you peel off support underwear



LOLLY LEGS noun Autumnal affliction when in the absence of tights, one's legs freeze from ankle to knee.



INSTAGLAM adj/noun When pastel colours are worn smugly with bronzer 



FASHION ACNE noun A crop of Prosecco-induced spots on your chin that you're claiming are inspired by "Kusama for Louis Vuitton"



BLOGGY adj To describe the point at which a look turns from Hot to OTT, when it appears you're actively trying to get style-hunted.




STILETTOE noun Medical condition that arises from standing for too long in heels that ram your toes forward thus numbing them and making you walk like a robot



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