Sunday, 23 September 2012

Style Icon: Olivia Palermo

She was born in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA and grew up in the select Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York but skip forward 26 years and from London to Paris, you can't really pick up a fashion magazine and not see her face staring back at you, her name Oliva Palermo. From her early days she never really envisaged entering into the fashion world she was a very keen and talented Lacrosse player and at the tender age of 18, she had her dreams quite literally shattered when she was tackled which in turn broke her wrist and with it ended her dreams of becoming a lacrosse player. She admits herself when she was younger she was very much the tomboy, being very active and sporty, played lacrosse and was on the Ice Hockey team.  



It wasn't until she moved to Paris, that she truely embraced fashion. Working with designers from Raf Simons, to the Rochas, where she's the face of its new scent. Olivia is a modern day phenomenon, even though she may like to distance herself with the likes of Kim Kardashian, her notority has risen using the same techniques, which dictates if you're young, beautiful, smart and people are interested then you can become a celebrity via the simple virtue of being yourself. And if enough of the right people are interested then you can become a brand!

Olivia as a model wasn't really discovered until late into her career with Wilhelmina Models signing her in 2009 at the age of 23, before which she worked for Elle Magazine. And more notably took part in "The City", a spin off of the MTVs show "The Hills" also in 2009.

However since then she's constantly been working with modelling from contracts with Mango to Horan, ongoing work with the Rochas, upcoming trip to Kneya with Spanish shoe company Pikolinos, style picks for GAPs online retail outlet, ambassador for Italian lingerie label Intimissimi and not forgetting her own brand So the relentless rise and rise of Olivia Palermo will continue and I very much welcome it!