Sunday, 16 September 2012


If you have an athletic or slender body shape with few curves then you could be classified as being of a Boyish body shape. So straight up and down rectangular figures need a helping hand when it comes to finding that feminine shape. 

Optical Illusions will create curves


Good Tailoring will also shape your figure

Full or Frilled skirts make boyish hips look curvy, or try a peplum skirt or dress

Team cropped and shapely jackets with longer blouses or shirts

Example Boyish Shape Outfit


River Island Blue Scuba Peplum Dress £30


Topshop Industrial V Collar £30

Topshop Loop Chain Bracelet £15 


Schuh Iron Fist Key Heel Shoes £70


The peplum dress add curves to the boyish figure. By adding curves gives it a more feminine look.