Sunday, 16 September 2012


The most common figure proportion for women is the Pear shape. It can be classified as the widest part of your body and is below your waist, around your hips.  Perfect pears need to create some balance between their small  and slim shoulders and a more curvy bottom and hips


Wideleg Trousers create balance

Team bold, bright tops with darker bottoms that disguise hips and thighs

Look out for Pencil skirts that kick out at the knee

For small shoulders try structured or detailed shapes like military-style jacket. 

A Skater dress is ideal as it skims over hips and shows off your slim waist and shoulders


 Example Pear Shape Outfit


River Island Printed Floral Blazer £35

Topshop Bow Shell Top £34

River Island Skater Skirt £25

River Island  Black Opaque 120 Denier Tights £7


River Island Charm Ring £4

Office Daytona Black Suede Ankle Boots £85

The outfit above is perfect for a pear shape, the bright floral blazer draws your eye up from the problem area.  The dark skater skirt which skims over your hips, with the black tights and matching black heels elongates the legs and balances the whole look.