Monday, 24 September 2012

Worst Dressed at the Emmys!

Heres my top picks for the worst dressed at the Emmys. Please hire a stylist! or Sack them!!!!



3rd Place : Phoebe Price



There appears  to be too much going on here! Too many frills, an unflattering asymmetrical hem and those neon orange shoes do her no favours! Sack the stylist!

2nd Place : Glenn Close


While I understand an older lady can create some disadvantages when its comes to red carpet glamour. However the classic black and white can be a wise choice, the busy, distracting pattern makes her look wider than she is and creates a fashion failure. 


1st Place: Lena Dunham



What might have started of as an attempt to look so un-cool that it actually became cool, clearly didnt work! The frumpy, over bearing Granny dress over swamps her body shape. My final verdict is Lena Dunham was the worst dressed woman at the 2012 Emmys.