Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Your Free Body Shape Clothing Guide

Making sense of fashion can be all about how to dress to your own body shape and understanding what clothing items work best. There are several different body types to consider and each one carries with it many difficulties and many pluses. The Main body shapes are 1.Pear Shape; 2. Hourglass; 3. Boyish; 4. Apple, to name but a few. Some will go under slighty different names like boyish could be referred to as rectangle or column. But here I'll try and help you to find your own bodyshape type and then balance clothes to match whichever shape you are.

Once you gain an understanding of above you'll be able to understand what works best with your body in order to accentuate your best bits and perhaps hide some of your not so great bits. With the right understanding you can wear clothes that show your body and match your personality perfectly

Click on the below link to find a guide to exactly what size you are

The next blog i'll start to talk about each shape guide and give you some tips.