Thursday, 4 October 2012

7 Golden Rules for Mid-Life Chic!!

The 47-year-old TV presenter Emma Forbes openly admits that she dresses better now than she ever has and she says it's all down to following seven golden rules. See how here.  


Emma Forbes at Fashion Rocks in 2003. She says: 'This outfit I wore to the Fashion Rocks night out in 2003 was just a disaster. I was trying to work loads of different trends and ended up looking terrible.‘I am so glad that since then I have found professional styling help.'


Emma at the Elle Style Awards 2004. She says: 'This dress displays my arms and chest, which I’m not confident about. I remember feeling uncomfortable - always a key sign to knowing that you shouldn't go out of the door in something. I was never going to look good. The outfit has no structure.'



 Emma at the Shrek 2 premiere in 2004
She says: 'What was I thinking putting this beautiful dress over jeans? How could I have thought that was a good idea? Sorry Matthew Williamson!'

The Seven Golden Rules to Mid-Life Chic


Rule 1: Invest in Luscious Lingerie

Don't be affraid to use Spanx. It can be useful in hiding unsitely bulges and smoothes out your bumps and lumps. 

If you're thinking of buying a new bra, remember to get fitted. Different brands will have slightly different sizes. 

Invest in a good pair of tights.  A higher dennier can hide a multitude of sins i.e. blemishes and cellulite. 

Rule 2: Flatter your waist


Karen Millen Red tartan dress £175; Warehouse Black military jacket £65; Russell & Bromley Black heels £210

The ideal is to create that perfect hourglass figure so anyway we can clinch you in at the waist is a good thing.  The best way to do this is by using belts.  The above belted dress does just this, but with the tartan also keeps you on trend.  Complete the look with either a blazer or biker jacket.


Rule 3: Flash your carves 


Karen Millen Black dress £190; M&S Military coat £129; Russell and Bromley Black heels £210; Tabitha London Handbag £390

Is all about creating the right balance is showing your calves to create the mid-life chic look. As showing too much carve can look too muttony and too little is grandmother zone. The military style jacket and studs on the handbag stay current with two key AW12 trends. By using the long length coat elongates your silhouette, however petites beware.   


Rule 4: Crop Your Jacket


Mint Velvet Jeans £69; Reiss Blouse £110; Fendi Leather Jacket £130; Ted Baker Scarf £62; Hobbs Black boots £279

The cropped jacket can be a useful armory in any mid-life chic wardrobe as it can instantly create a youthful appearance. Especially using a leather jacket, its also very on trend for AW12. To soften the look I'd advise using either a pussy bow blouse or by using a blouse with a scarf you can create the same effect.  

Rule 5 Trick the eye


Hobbs Tweed collar top £89; Hobbs Tweed trousers £119; Ted Baker Beige coat £229; Brian Atwood at Net-A-Porter Heels £385

A large prominent collar on a coat or jacket can draw attention away from any problem areas. Coupled with the tartan trousers and matching top elongates your silhouette. Also the belt on the coat tightens you in at the waist creating that perfect hourglass figure.  


Rule 6: Keep it Slinky 


M&S Dress £59; Russell & Bromley Black Heels £210

The panelled dress is one of my favourite tips as it creates an optical illusion to give you a slimmer silhouette. Green is also big for AW12 and with a belt creates that stunning hourglass figure.  

Rule 7: Less is More


Wallis Dogtooth blouse £33; Ted Baker Black trousers £109; Ted Baker Cream tweed jacket £159; Russell & Bromley Black Heels £210

A cropped Jacket with a loosely fitted blouse can elongate your legs. The blouse hides where your hips begin and end, and draws attention to your legs. The Dogtooth print is still very current and here to stay for AW12.