Monday, 1 October 2012

Should you dress according to your age?

After seeing Mary Berry, 77 sporting a floral bomber jacket on "The Great British Bake Off" it left  me with more questions than answers. As should you dress according to your age? what age does fashion become unfashionable? what things should you not wear? and so on and on? 



However something to note in favour of senior stylists is that in their day there was none of the cheap and cheerful fashion abundant on much of the highstreet today. 



I believe in very much that fashion is an extension of someone's personailty. However there should be some boundaries. As people of a certain age have to bare some creedence to the term "mutton dressed as lamb". I think there are certain things women should bare in mind when things begin to crape and sag.



A few important rules are don't stay in the 70s, 80's or 90's eras of fashion, keep your look current and up to date.  



Don't be affraid to show off your personality in your fashion, but remember to keep it tastefully done. 




Think of a celebrity of a simular age and look at her fashion, try to pinch ideas off them. They'll normally have a stylist or a team of them so why not use them.   Think of Lorraine Kelly, Helen Mirren or Carol Vorderman.