Tuesday, 16 April 2013

What is Style Colour Analysis?

This is something that's first on my clients FAQ list, so what is it?, what does knowing it actually enhance? Is it simple to learn and to practice? All these questions plus many more you can find below.  

First impressions allways count and for none other colour more than anything else creates the first visual and most noteable impression. So naturally you can understand why knowing “your colours” can be so important. Colour is a component of light, and this energy travels at vibrating waves at over 186,000 miles per second. It is meant to affect us physically, psychologically, and emotionally. It can propel us into action, motivate, or soothe us. However, it can also repel us too. People make split second judgments based on first appearances. So learning how to use colour is one of the most powerful things you can do. 


Colour Analysis is the process of taking a look at your complexion, eye colour, and hair to accurately determine the exact colours that make your features stand out. Most people associate this type of colour science with four seasons to categorise human colouring. While a great start, it only got us so far and was incomplete. Initially, it was assumed that all skin tones were either warm or cool. But in many cases, colour analysts found that warmth or coolness of hue was not definite. In fact, most people fall somewhere in between, which is referred to as neutral. So within each seasonal category, two additional tones have been added to allow for the expansion of the seasons to 12 tones, including all variations.


When someone says to me, “I can’t wear red,” it is because they don’t know exactly what kind of red they can wear.


Every single person can wear a representation of every colour in the spectrum, but the colour varies in hue, shade, and saturation. There may be some colours that look better on you than others, but this is revealed during the initial draping session, which will show us where you fall in the 12-season system. The purpose of this system is to have all the colours of your adornment – clothing, hair colour, accessories, and shoes – all in harmony with you and your personal colour tone. This is an excellent way to ensure a fantastic first impression. This is why I use colour analysis as the FIRST step in revealing your style prescription.

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