Thursday, 25 July 2013

3D Fashion Techonlogy!!!

3D Printing Technology could open the doors to a whole new world of Fashion!
Some may say that technology is the way of the future, and advances in new technology may just influence what will happen in the not too distant future. 

An innovative 3D printer could soon put fashion right at our fingertips.
It might not be for everyone, but the impressive device will allow fashion lovers to download an outfit design, customise it to your body's personal measurements, and print off a garment. Voila - a stunning fitted outfit, tailoured just to you!

Just think of all the time you'd spend waiting in changing room queues and fiddling for loose change at the till. The 3D printer might hold more than just design, as it may quickly become a time-saving treasure in our lives.

The technology has taken 15 years to perfect. Designer Catherine Wales, 38, wants to make fashion accessible to the masses and more body friendly. She said: "The fashion industry is a bully, manipulating you into wearing or feeling a certain way."

Labels and size zero models can often make us feel bad about our bodies. Ms Wales hopes to eradicate these feelings of self-loathing through the medium of 3D printing.

The designer also hopes to expand peoples minds to what fashion can be. She asked: "What if our apparel – what we use to build our image – had a DNA and could morph into any shape or purpose according to our moods and needs?"

Fashion can't be discrete when there are so many big personalities to capture out there. What would you choose if you had the tools of design in your power?

Two pieces from Catherine's debut collection, Project DNA, will go on show at the Design Museum in a new exhibition called The Future is Here: A New Industrial Revolution.

However she isn't the only one to have experimented with fashion and 3D design. Creator Iris van Herpen and jewellers such as Shaun Leane and Dower & Hall have all successfully used 3D prototyping to be at the top of futuristic fashion.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Vera Wang in Super Oversized Belt

Vera Wang wore most likely the largest belt I've ever seen at the Little Black Dress event in Paris.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Harry Styles Gets a Gok Wan Makeover!

One Direction's super stylish Harry Styles is getting a makeover to look like TV personality and fashion Stylist Gok Wan.
 In One Directions upcoming Music Video "Best Song Ever" Harry is turned into Gok Wan, in perhaps one of the most bizarre makeovers ever!. The video is to be released on 22nd July, but you can download it from here  

Death of 13-year Old Inspires Cancer Survivor to Pursue Childs Dreams in Fashion!!

The tragic death of 13-year-old Talia Joy Castellano on July 16, from Cancer impacted on millions who folled her story. But one individual has turned tragedy into possitivity. As Cancer survivor and fashion designer Urbana Chappa has vowed to help make the inspiring girl’s dream of becoming a Fashion Designer into a reality. 

Talia's goal was to show teenagers how to express themselves through their clothes. She was already a big hit on youtube for her beaauty guide and wanted to expand into clothing. 

Talia and Urbana teamed up in April to share their ideas and inspire a range of fashion clothing, but Talia soon passed away only a couple of months later. But this didn't stop Urbana pursuing Talia's wish and so "That Bald Chick" became a reality.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

New Fashion Designers: Jonathan Cohen

With an expertise in design and pattern making, learned from his studies at Parsons School of Design, refined in the studios of Doo.Ri Chung, Ashleigh Verrier and Oscar de la Renta where he apprenticed, Jonathan Cohen applies a knowledge of high quality fabrics and superb fit, to create womenswear collections under his own label.

A relatively new studio with retailers across the United States already stocking his items, Jonathan brings something very fresh and new to the world of fashion. 

He was born and raised with Mexican parents, in San Diego, California. With this mix of cultures running through his veins, he gained a multi-dimensional approach to music, architecture and other world cultures as a constant and rich source of inspiration. 

His designs reflect his own background with a unique mix of coastal ease and big city cool blended with a modern and vibrant edge. 

You can see his latest AW13 collection here 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Catherine Zeta-Jones wows at screening of film Red 2.

Catherine Zeta-Jones dressed to impress as she attended the screening of film Red 2.
The Welsh actress stepped out in New York showing off her perfectly toned legs in a Michael Kors black strappy dress with metallic detail down the front. She completed her look with strappy heels, triangular drop earings and subtle red lipstick. 

Are Plus Size Retailers Out of Fashion?

In the UK there are over 60 unique brands targeted at plus size women, with the majority of these brands being strictly on-line retailers only.  Amongst the bustling highstreet there are only two noteable plus size chains directed at them with Elvi and Evans. Department stores like Debenhams and John Lewis are extending their sizes to accomodate but still feel to be lacking the quality and range. 
Silver Print High Low Hem Dress £85
 A recent survey pegged the average woman in the UK as a size 16 (40”bust, 32”waist, 43”hip) and apparently 40% of UK women polled were a size 16 and over.  So almost half would be classed as reaching a plus size. 
It appears that retailers are not matching demand with half of the women who are size 18 saying that there's not enough shops offering a range of choices and 40% of the women believing that plus size clothes tend to be less fashionable than smaller sized ones. 
ASOS Curve Kilt Mini Skirt - £25
 Therefore alot of women are left with no other option than to shop on-line for plus sized garments. Not to say that there's anything wrong with shopping on-line for the curvier lady, especially with tailoured searches like ASOS Curve which allows you to seach for sizes between 18 - 28 designed specifically for the trendier shopper.
      However I think alot needs be done to get the likes of Elvi and Evans into the range of Topshop and River Island. As allthough most plus size retailers will have copious amounts of choice, I feel they lack the quality and the trend setting factor as other non-plus size retailers. 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Top 5 Jumpsuits for AW13

As a true fashionista you should always be planning for the Season ahead and a great transition for AW13 would be to invest in a quality jumpsuit. Below are my top picks.

Topshop Block Colour All in One Mesh Jumpsuit £38
Zalando Vero Moda Faith Jumpsuit £38
Next Red Crepe Jumpsuit £50
Dorothy Perkins Mini Check Jumpsuit £38
ASOS Jumpsuit with Tie Waist £50

Steal Celeb Style: Victoria Beckham

This week on steal a celebritys style it's.............Victoria Beckham and in particular the jumpsuit she wore at the glamour awards.

Get the look from Very

Very Definitions Strapless Peplum Jumpsuit £65

How to Dress Sexy!

Whether you want to impress on a first date or go out and grab all that attention, dressing sexy is all about thinking less is more, so put away your long boots and start thinking demure. 

1. Less is more. 

Try keeping things to the imagination so when opting for body-con styled dresses try to cover up either arms or legs as you'll leave them wanting more.

ASOS Sweetheart Bodycon Mini Dress £22

2. Lace it up

A little lace goes a long way in the sexy stakes. It gives your look that peekaboo factor which will allways get hearts racing a little. 

Lipsy Midi Lace Dress £33

3. Drapey Neckline

Turn to the godess of love and bring on your Aphrodite style with plunging yet classy necklines. 

Halle Berry wearing  Riller & Fount Devi Front Drape Dress - Buy it here

4. Wear Red

This sassy colour will make you stand out and will send hearts racing!

Red Sexy Sleeve Jersey Dress £9.99

5. Zip It Up

Find one of those dresses that has a visable zip line. Be super daring and find one that has a zip on the front...Super Sexy!!!

Hybrid  Full Length Exposed Side Zip Red Dress £85

6. Slip into a Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts can really show off that sexy hourglass figure. Be extra daring and opt for Leather!!!
Next PU Pencil Skirt £28
7. Sexy Lingerie

Nothing spells out sexy more than some sexy lingerie. As soon as you slip into them you'll ultimately feel sexy which will exert into your look and everyone will notice!!

ASOS Boudoir Art Nouveau Lace Underwired Bra & Knicker set £30

Womens Size Conversion Table

Womens Size Conversion Table
If you're not sure what a size XS corresponds to or need to find your exact size based on measurements please read below. 

UK 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8.5
EUR 35 35.5 37 38 39 40.5 42 42.5
UK 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26
EUR 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54
US 1 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22
UK 4 UK 6 UK 8 UK 10 UK 12 UK 14 UK 16 UK 18 UK 20

cm inches cm inches cm inches cm inches cm inches cm inches cm inches cm inches cm inches
Bust 76 30 78
31 81 32 86 34 91 36 96 38 101 40 108
43 116 46
Waist 58 22
60 23
63 24
73 26
73 28
78 30
83 32
98 38
Hips 83
86 33

Monday, 15 July 2013

Designer Gives away FREE Clothes!

The designer Alexander Wang must have been feeling extremely generous this Saturday. As he held a secret event in New York, during which he allowed lucky guests to select an unlimited supply of free clothing!

Fans had been queuing for hours, unsure with what to expect when they got in. Then the first 100 were let into the secret location and were told to select as much and anything they wanted...all of which for FREE!. Many of which walked away carrying boxes full of mens and womens clothing. Lucky few!!! 

New Survey indicates that the Majority of Women now prefer to shop online!

New survey by, indicated that only 1 in 10 items tried on in the changing room are actually purchased, while 25% of online orders are kept or worn by shoppers.

In the survey 1,991 British women from across the UK were polled with 81% admitting that they enjoyed clothes shopping. When asked how often they went clothes shopping, the majority, 39%, said ‘fortnightly’, 31% claimed they shopped on a monthly basis. 14% of shoppers said they bought ‘weekly’ and 13% shopped daily.

The majority of the women asked (45%) said that they preferred to purchase their fashion online, with 38% likely to shop in-store and 15% of consumers claiming that they enjoy both shopping experiences.
When they were asked how much, on average, they spent on unworn or returned fashion related items on a monthly basis, the most common answer (37%) was ‘between £20 and £40’.

George Charles of had the following to say about the findings: “While it is pretty well known that British women like to shop, I was quite surprised to see how many women admitted to be wasting money on purchasing (or in some cases not purchasing) fashion related items that did not suit them, leading some participants to admit that they did not feel confident with some of their shopping choices.”

Freeze the Ageing Process!

Coldtox, Frotox, Icetox get used to these newly branded slang words as your going to be hearing alot more of them in the near future as iovera is now available in the UK. iovera is a new ground breaking toxin-free treatment for facial wrinkles. iovera immediately reduces the appearance of forehead lines using only the body’s natural response to cold.

It uses an advanced technology known as Focused Cold TherapyTM that works immediately and temporarily relaxes facial muscles that cause wrinkles without leaving any toxins or chemicals behind in the body. Many people who want to treat their wrinkles but are uncomfortable with previously available treatments now have a new option with iovera.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Is Yves Saint Laurent Forever Light Creator the ultimate Anti-Ageing Product!

A new anti-ageing product is making big waves amongst the beauty market before it has even been released!
Yves Saint Laurent have produced a collection of products that claim to reverse ageing effects through light-creating vitamin, The claims have sparked an on-line stampede, with a waiting list of over 3000 and a record-breaking 15,000 free sample vouchers downloaded before it has even hit the shops.
YSL Forever Light Creator - Buy It Here
There is also a dedicated hotline for the Forever Light Creator range as makers YSL attempt to keep up with demand.
This products has 13 patents, which gave fresher skin immediately to 76% of women tested and a whopping 92% had a more even complexion within one month of use.
Inspired by ‘Glyobiology’ the range contains a synthetic version of the glycans that occur in the skin, and took three years to create. These sugars help maintain the skins smooth appearance and elasticity,  which decreases as we age.
The new range goes on sale in the UK tomorrow and costs from £35 to £85.

Friday, 12 July 2013

My Top Pick of the Week for Men!

My top pick for men this week are..... Limited Edition Hi Top Trainer Boots from Topman. The boots are on a chunky fluroscent pink rubber sole which really gives them the wow factor and would really set you apart from the crowd. Check them out here
Topman Tux Black Suede Hi Top Boots £65

My Top Pick of the Week for Women!

After searching through various outlets and stores for that something special, I think I've found it. It's something which will set any outfit apart and  will create that extra bling and wow factor. It's a Jewelled Flower necklace from Zara which can create that perfect statement! See below.
Zara Jewelled Flowers Necklace £29.99

Priyanka Chopra flaunts her assets for Pitbulls "Exotic" Music Video!

Bollywood Superstar Priyanka Chopra was once crowned Miss World in front of millions, but now  is strutting her stuff for hip hop fans.

The Indian beauty queen is the star of Pitbull's music video for his latest hit, Exotic, where she shows off her international assets in sexy swimsuit. Watch it  here now
Easily living up to the song's title, Chopra flaunts by her fabulous figure and gorgeous mane of dark hair in the video, which was released on Thursday.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Ditch the Gym Membership and lets go Shopping!!!

According to a recent survey women are burning a whopping 15,000 calories by just going down to the shops. Yes you heard me right, according to a survey conducted by Walls Solero Exotic, British women on average are walking 180 miles per year.

Allthough a third of women are making all this hard work go to waste by snacking on calorific snacks such as crisps, chocolates and biscuits. 

The research also noted that one in ten of the women surveyed were consuming up to 1,000 calouries on such shopping trips. 

The data also that being able to count shopping as an exercise workout would encourage 58% of women to hit the high street rather than the keyboard.

Victorias Secret Girls turn up the Heat for Summer!

Victoria's Secret unveiled their latest campaign with Angels Barbara Palvin, Candice Swanepoel, and Erin Heatherton joining forces for new lingerie and swimwear collection ads.
Barbara Palvin
But despite the pretty designs, it's their toned abs, long legs and steamy poses that really steal the show.
Candice Swanepoel
Gym memberships and Lingerie Sales should be on the up!
Erin Heatherton

Working Class Women would prefer to cheat with an Upper Class Gent!

A new poll by has revealed that working class women searching for an extra marital fling, would prefer to opt for an upper class male, with 67% of them polled described an upper class man as their dream date if they were to embark on an affair.
Conversely cheating men would go after a working class women with an impressive 83% of middle class male members choosing affair partners from that class.

Noel Biderman founder of the dating website went on to say 'The working class has been hit harder by the recession than any other sector of society. For women who are struggling financially – such as healthcare workers like many of our members – a fling with an upper class man represents glamour and escape, a holiday from daily life, perhaps an element of security.’

Describing the male statistics Biderman added ‘Despite the changing socio-economic landscape men across the board still want to be the Alpha partner in a relationship’, says Biderman. ‘Men want someone to admire and look up to them, someone they can impress because fundamentally most men lack confidence.’

Top 5 Coloured Jeans for Men 2013

With male trendsetters everywhere these days it's becoming increasingly hard for guys to stay not just ahead of the trend but to get noticed aswell. An increasingly attractive option is to use bold colours that make you really stand out from the crowd. Team this up with a pair of well fitted jeans and you have a match which if done right will get heads turning! See my top picks below.

Topman Bright  Green Skinny Mens Jeans £36
River Island Bright Red Sid Skinny Mens Jeans £25
Levis 511 Slim Mens Jeans £62.90
ASOS Antony Morato Giovanni Skinny Fit Mens Pink Jeans £34

SO Jeans Orange Mens Jeans £52.50