Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Are Plus Size Retailers Out of Fashion?

In the UK there are over 60 unique brands targeted at plus size women, with the majority of these brands being strictly on-line retailers only.  Amongst the bustling highstreet there are only two noteable plus size chains directed at them with Elvi and Evans. Department stores like Debenhams and John Lewis are extending their sizes to accomodate but still feel to be lacking the quality and range. 
Silver Print High Low Hem Dress £85
 A recent survey pegged the average woman in the UK as a size 16 (40”bust, 32”waist, 43”hip) and apparently 40% of UK women polled were a size 16 and over.  So almost half would be classed as reaching a plus size. 
It appears that retailers are not matching demand with half of the women who are size 18 saying that there's not enough shops offering a range of choices and 40% of the women believing that plus size clothes tend to be less fashionable than smaller sized ones. 
ASOS Curve Kilt Mini Skirt - £25
 Therefore alot of women are left with no other option than to shop on-line for plus sized garments. Not to say that there's anything wrong with shopping on-line for the curvier lady, especially with tailoured searches like ASOS Curve which allows you to seach for sizes between 18 - 28 designed specifically for the trendier shopper.
      However I think alot needs be done to get the likes of Elvi and Evans into the range of Topshop and River Island. As allthough most plus size retailers will have copious amounts of choice, I feel they lack the quality and the trend setting factor as other non-plus size retailers.