Monday, 1 July 2013

Can we mix Comfortable with Sexy?

Sainsbury's has just unveiled a new seam-free cupped bra as part of their best-selling Seam Less lingerie collection. But the question is can we mix comfort with sexy?

The store maintain that the latest addition to the range, which has additional cup support, is the perfect foundation for any outfit, guaranteeing a smooth outline as well as comfort and quality.


The bra, that will be availble this month, aims to alleviate the dreaded VBL (visible bra lines) but still give women a little boost in the cleavage department. 

However the bra which retails at £10 might not be the sexiest option around. 

Toni-Ann Lindsay, Sainsbury's Lingerie Buyer says that they are building on the success of a best-selling collection.  She said: 'Responding to the demand of our already popular Seam Less collection, which currently sells one bra every minute, we felt a cupped padded seam-free bra was an essential addition to the range. We want our customers to feel great in functional yet flattering lingerie. It's our most comfortable bra yet!'

What makes this bra so unique? The bra is made using soft polyamide material which is designed to seamlessly mould to the contours of a woman's body. This seam-free design is what makes them unique compared to traditional bras, which use under-wire to hold their shape.  The bra is also made of elastin, a clasp is not required therefore aiming to alleviate discomfort or any unsightly 'bulges' (more commonly known as 'back fat') caused by restrictive seams.  The collection is available in three sizes: small, medium and large, and Sainsbury's claim that the seam-free style moulds to your body, no matter what your shape or size.

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