Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Copy that Style at a click of a button!

Have you ever wanted to find out where that super glam girl got her dress from or copy a celebs style. Well if you have a photo of a particular dress, top or fashion item, a new app is here to help. 

It comes from the makers Cortexica who have developed an app called "Find Similar Images Search". The app allows the end user to upload a photo and it will search for simular items on the web. Making it a brease for those of us who want to copy someones particular style or even source cheaper alternatives elsewhere on the web. 

However the app according to the companys website is still only available to select corporate partners including large retailers, brands, digital agencies, GPU vendors, Mobile OEMs, software companies, and others who have significant image inventory databases with regular additions and updates that require advanced techniques to cope with end-user search requirements. 

But they are in the process of working with marquee partners with the end goal to scale it out to a larger audience, so watch this space!!!