Thursday, 4 July 2013

Former Escort opens a Raunchy Boutique!

Former teen escort Zahia Dehar attends launch of her first boutique in Paris wearing see-through mesh dress.

Zahia is the former call girl at the centre of one of France's most high profile sex scandals involving three famous footballers.

However she turned up to the launch of her new shop opening wearing a see-through dress with carefully placed applique yesterday.

Now 21, she's designed a range of outrageously racy lingerie with the shop being kitted out with girly props including multiple tiered wedding-style cakes, nude mannequins, chaise longues, mirrors and dressing tables.

Zahia Dehar was 16 when she was paid for sex by French soccer player Franck Ribery, with fellow French national Karim Benzema also alleged to have paid for her services. While prostitution is legal in France, both parties must be over 18 years of age.