Tuesday, 16 July 2013

How to Dress Sexy!

Whether you want to impress on a first date or go out and grab all that attention, dressing sexy is all about thinking less is more, so put away your long boots and start thinking demure. 

1. Less is more. 

Try keeping things to the imagination so when opting for body-con styled dresses try to cover up either arms or legs as you'll leave them wanting more.

ASOS Sweetheart Bodycon Mini Dress £22

2. Lace it up

A little lace goes a long way in the sexy stakes. It gives your look that peekaboo factor which will allways get hearts racing a little. 

Lipsy Midi Lace Dress £33

3. Drapey Neckline

Turn to the godess of love and bring on your Aphrodite style with plunging yet classy necklines. 

Halle Berry wearing  Riller & Fount Devi Front Drape Dress - Buy it here

4. Wear Red

This sassy colour will make you stand out and will send hearts racing!

Red Sexy Sleeve Jersey Dress £9.99

5. Zip It Up

Find one of those dresses that has a visable zip line. Be super daring and find one that has a zip on the front...Super Sexy!!!

Hybrid  Full Length Exposed Side Zip Red Dress £85

6. Slip into a Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts can really show off that sexy hourglass figure. Be extra daring and opt for Leather!!!
Next PU Pencil Skirt £28
7. Sexy Lingerie

Nothing spells out sexy more than some sexy lingerie. As soon as you slip into them you'll ultimately feel sexy which will exert into your look and everyone will notice!!

ASOS Boudoir Art Nouveau Lace Underwired Bra & Knicker set £30