Sunday, 14 July 2013

Is Yves Saint Laurent Forever Light Creator the ultimate Anti-Ageing Product!

A new anti-ageing product is making big waves amongst the beauty market before it has even been released!
Yves Saint Laurent have produced a collection of products that claim to reverse ageing effects through light-creating vitamin, The claims have sparked an on-line stampede, with a waiting list of over 3000 and a record-breaking 15,000 free sample vouchers downloaded before it has even hit the shops.
YSL Forever Light Creator - Buy It Here
There is also a dedicated hotline for the Forever Light Creator range as makers YSL attempt to keep up with demand.
This products has 13 patents, which gave fresher skin immediately to 76% of women tested and a whopping 92% had a more even complexion within one month of use.
Inspired by ‘Glyobiology’ the range contains a synthetic version of the glycans that occur in the skin, and took three years to create. These sugars help maintain the skins smooth appearance and elasticity,  which decreases as we age.
The new range goes on sale in the UK tomorrow and costs from £35 to £85.