Thursday, 18 July 2013

New Fashion Designers: Jonathan Cohen

With an expertise in design and pattern making, learned from his studies at Parsons School of Design, refined in the studios of Doo.Ri Chung, Ashleigh Verrier and Oscar de la Renta where he apprenticed, Jonathan Cohen applies a knowledge of high quality fabrics and superb fit, to create womenswear collections under his own label.

A relatively new studio with retailers across the United States already stocking his items, Jonathan brings something very fresh and new to the world of fashion. 

He was born and raised with Mexican parents, in San Diego, California. With this mix of cultures running through his veins, he gained a multi-dimensional approach to music, architecture and other world cultures as a constant and rich source of inspiration. 

His designs reflect his own background with a unique mix of coastal ease and big city cool blended with a modern and vibrant edge. 

You can see his latest AW13 collection here