Monday, 15 July 2013

New Survey indicates that the Majority of Women now prefer to shop online!

New survey by, indicated that only 1 in 10 items tried on in the changing room are actually purchased, while 25% of online orders are kept or worn by shoppers.

In the survey 1,991 British women from across the UK were polled with 81% admitting that they enjoyed clothes shopping. When asked how often they went clothes shopping, the majority, 39%, said ‘fortnightly’, 31% claimed they shopped on a monthly basis. 14% of shoppers said they bought ‘weekly’ and 13% shopped daily.

The majority of the women asked (45%) said that they preferred to purchase their fashion online, with 38% likely to shop in-store and 15% of consumers claiming that they enjoy both shopping experiences.
When they were asked how much, on average, they spent on unworn or returned fashion related items on a monthly basis, the most common answer (37%) was ‘between £20 and £40’.

George Charles of had the following to say about the findings: “While it is pretty well known that British women like to shop, I was quite surprised to see how many women admitted to be wasting money on purchasing (or in some cases not purchasing) fashion related items that did not suit them, leading some participants to admit that they did not feel confident with some of their shopping choices.”