Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Warm up those winter Blues with a Stylish Onesie!!!

Yes, unfortunately it's that time of year again. The days begin to shorten, you start to feel the chill in the early mornings as you head off to work, and before long you're bringing out your trusted blankie, coupled with your funky water bottle shaped like a teddy...or is that just me :-) But however you try and keep warm this winter you can't really go too wrong with a Onesie. 


If you've not come across them yet....well where have you been!!!! As everyone from Primark to Marks & Spencers stocks them and not forgetting the tele antics of pretty much all of the TOWIE cast to celebs like Peter Andre, the entire cast of One Direction and not forgetting pretty much every student I know has one.

So I thought I would look to get a head start this year and get mine in early.  I came across Luna Look  (www.luna-look.com). They have a small but very trendy selection and I opted for the Navy Blue with Aztec Print one. 

Delivery was very good and I was provided with a tracking number, so I could see exactly when my order would be delivered......And within a couple of days I unpacked the onesie from a neatly packaged clear poly bag and was soon all wrapped up in my Aztec printed Blue Onesie. 

The onesie is very comfortable. The zip is easy to manage and you can easily get in and out of, with one seamless action.

Onesies don't generally come with a size guide as they generally are sold as unisex. So they are not really designed to be figure hugging, as it's main aim is comfort. I would always recommend to go a size larger than you are. As a general rule if you're a size small perhaps opt for a medium. However if you're super savvy with your sizes you can always check the website. 

The "onesies" all about having fun along with a bit of comfort, but you can always mix in a bit of style for good measure. I'd highly recommend Luna Look if you're looking for that comfortable yet stylish onesie.  You can see there range here www.luna-look.com