Friday, 31 July 2015

Being in Love with yourself is good for you.

In a recent book published by Dr Craig Malkin, he references that actually being in love with your own reflection is actually good for you, but don't over do it. 

Narcissus stems from Greek mythology of a youth, who was so handsome that everyone he met fell in love with him instantly. But all this admiration hardened his heart and made him indifferent with others.

The gods grew tired of him and placed a curse on him that he too would feel the pain of unrequited love. 

Soon after he laid beside a pond and caught sight of his own reflection and fell madly in love with it. So drawn to the reflection that he dived into the water and drowned. Any comparisons with reality starts and celebrities, I'll let you come to your own conclusions. 

If you would like to see where you sit on the Narcissism test take the test below. 


On a scale of 1 to 5, indicate how much you agree or disagree with each item, using the guide below

1 - strongly disagree

2 - disagree

3 - neutral

4 - agree

5 - strongly agree

1. I know there;s something special about me

2. I’m great at a lot of things compared to most people

3. I secretly believe I’m better than most people

4. I press on even in challenging tasks

5. Obstacles rarely slow me down

6. I’m self-confident, but caring

7. I feel uneasy when I’m the focus of attention

8. I find it hard to enjoy compliments

9. I don’t like to talk about myself


Extreme Narcissism: Add items 1–3 and enter your score here:

Healthy Narcissism: Add items 4-6 and enter your score here:

Echoism: Add items 7-9 and enter your score here:

All three scores are related to narcissism, but reflect very different patterns of behaviour.

Echoism: 10 is average; 12 and up is high. High echoism means you’re worried about burdening others and rarely assert your needs.

Healthy Narcissism: 11 is average; 12 and up is high. Healthy narcissism means you’re empathic, ambitious, caring and confident.

Extreme narcissism: 9 is average; 10 is high. High scorers tend to be selfish manipulative, demanding, and often arrogant. 11 or higher could even mean you’re an extreme narcissist, though if you’re under the age 25, this could change over time.

In general, you’re highest score is dominant, but extreme narcissism trumps them all when it’s high.

Slim down with Green Tea.

According to a team of scientists led by Jaroslaw Walkowiak of Poznan University in Poland, green tea may help you stay slim. 

An extract from the tea was found to reduce the amount of starch, a type of carbohydrate absorbed from food during meals. 
In essence the drink can be used to help treat people suffering from obesity and diabetes. 
Researches gave 28 participants aged 19 - 28 a bowl of cornflakes to eat, having asked them to fast for 12 hours before the test. 

They then asked them to eat a wafer, some of which contained approximately 4 grams of green tea extract, while others contained none. Researchers detailed that this was the equivalent of drinking several cups of green tea. 
The scientists then tested participants breath for the presence of starch. When starch is broken down during digestion, the amount can be picked up by testing how much carbon dioxide is in the breath.
The research found that the dose of green tea extract had in-fact decreased starch digestion and absorption when compared with the placebo group. 
The named chemical principally responsible for this absorption is known as Polyphenols. Although contained with green tea it's amount can vary.   

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Make-up or Make Down: Are we fake for covering up or plain ugly for not bothering?

I recently read an article in the Daily Mail about the beauty Blogger Em Ford, who runs youtube channel "My Pale Skin" about the ugly taunts she received after revealing her acne proned face, whilst removing her make-up.

She received criticism on both sides of the camp, after publishing tutorials on how to cover up blemishes. The comments she received ranged from "You're so ugly" when she was without make-up to "You are beautiful" once she had perfected her look. 

I think it's easy for us all to criticise, however when you're the one being criticised it can be a bitter pill to swallow. Especially if you're young and have not developed a sense of who you are and are confident within your own skin. I remember being taunted when I was younger about the length of my neck, which may sound odd by the sound of it. But I now realise how it gives me a statuesque-elegant look which I love, but I remember how upset I felt and how bullies would taunt me. Not to say I didn't have the odd blemish from time to time, but I think if we all look deeper enough we'll realise we all have had our faults.

However the make-up regime to cover our faults to achieve "the perfect look" can be it's own downfall. As we all know by applying more make-up to cover that blemish, will sometimes do the opposite and by evening time, when you're looking to take your make-up away another blemish has resurfaced, and then the cycle continues. 

On the one-side women should grow a backbone and leave the house with no make-up on  and on the other we want to become a surreal beauty. Welcome to the World of the Woman. 

Personally I would describe myself as highly confident and very secure of who I am. I would also wonder towards the camp attaining ultimate beauty. As I believe that a women's job is never done, and that we are here to look beautiful for our desired partner and I actually enjoy applying make-up!!. 

Creating smokey eyes, sultry looks can really help define you as a person and you can find your personality within your make-up. I think Fake is good, obviously not too masked up, as you're features become a blank and your date ends up running for the hills. But finding your unique look is what we should all be achieving. 

Make-up or Make-Down, tell me what you think? 

Make-up or Make-down?

Make Up
Make Down
Poll Maker

The Timeline Damage that drinking coke does to your body.

New research by Niraj Naik, ( a former community pharmacist has revealed the damaging effects of drinking just one can of coke can do to your body. 

The effects were detailed over a period of 60 minutes, with the first sugar spike at around 20 mins. Mr Naik said he had "great success at helping people get off long-term medication for problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes by advising them to replace fizzy drinks with water with fresh lemon or lime juice. In many cases just doing this would have a dramatic effect on their health."

Nutritionists regularly advise against consumption of fizzy drinks due to the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart trouble. The sugar contained in one can of coke is more than the 7.5 teaspoons per day maximum intake recommended by the NHS. 

Coca-Cola however recommends on their website to have it as "part of a healthy balanced diet, with regular exercise."
Below are the detailed consequences from drinking one can of coke.  

The First 10 mins
10 teaspoons of sugar hit your system (more than your recommended daily intake). You don't immediately vomit from the overwhelming sweetness because phosphoric acid cuts the flavour allowing you to keep it down.

20 Mins
Your blood sugar spikes, causing insulin bursts. Your liver responds to this by turning any sugar it can get its hands on into fat.

40 Mins
The Caffeine absorption is complete. Your pupils dilate, your blood pressure rises as a response your liver dumps more sugar into your bloodstream. The Adenosine receptors in your brain are now blocked preventing drowsiness.

45 Mins
Your body ups your dopamine production stimulating the pleasure centres of your brain. This is physically the same way heroin works.

60 Mins
The phosphoric acid binds calcium, magnesium and zinc in your lower intestine providing a further boost in metabolism. This is compounded by high doses of sugar and artificial sweeteners also increasing the urinary excretion of calcium.
The Caffeine's diuretic properties come into play, making you want to go to the toilet. It is now assured that you'll flush away the bonded calcium, magnesium and zinc that was heading to your bones as well as sodium, electrolyte and water.
As the energy rush dies down you'll start to have a sugar crash. You may become irritable and sluggish. Your body has now purged the water that was in coke. But not before infusing it with valuable nutrients your body could have used for things such as a hydrating your system or building strong bones and teeth. 

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Top 5 Women's Coats for AW15

Before you know it, the summer will have disappeared into a wintery existence and you'll be searching frantically from your iPad to the high-street for your new winter coat. Well below I have searched for what I believe to be the top 5 winter coats. Please comment and tell me what you think or any suggestions. 

Asos Vintage Faux Fur Coat £70

Ted Baker Wool Wrap Coat £299

Lipsy Faux Fur Trim Parker Mac £85

Thursday, 23 July 2015


Marc Jacobs latest campaign has a host of Icons and new generation girls with the list including Cher, Winona Ryder, Willow Smith and Daisy Lowe's 9 year old sister, Betty. See the pics below. 

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Alyssum Hair Negative Review

You've all heard of bad hair days well now you can add Bad Extensions to the list, and one of the worst hair extensions I've ever seen is that of Alyssum Hair. However, not just bad hair but they've also kept my money too even after receiving the goods back to them. Read more below.

What makes this so much worst is that I actually thought that I'd done so much research beforehand and even explained myself and spoke directly with the Managing Director of the company Nji Lorimer that I was seriously looking for a genuine seller of quality hair extensions.

Her vlogs and website all apeared above board but when I finally received the hair I couldn't have be more disappointed.

I only looked at the ends of the hair and noticed how dry they were, as I had my extension appointment booked in later that day at Toni & Guy.

When the Toni & Guy professional pulled the hair from the bag her reaction said it all and wasn't until she tried to comb her fingers through it that the horror was actuated. The hair would even Matt up when attempting to comb it. And all this before he hair ever being washed and people with hair extensions will know that this is the true test. She even argued that it was the Worst Hair she had ever seen and I had to agree sadly.

I had made the biggest mistake ever! I thought ok, not a problem, perhaps it was a bad batch or something so I sent the hair back the same day via recorded delivery and informed Alyssum of this. To which there was no response via telephone or email. More to the point her number of the website diverts to an 02 sim. Which on hindsight should have been my first alarm bell.

I only got a response a week later after I informed her that her none response would leave me with no option but to contact trading standards.

To which her email was full of holes and said that she's in the process of speaking with her lawyers and Trading Standards because of the return.

I again asked for a refund and she got back to me 3 days later saying that I wasn't entitled to a refund as in her belief the hair was of good quality. Which is totally against the law so I informed Trading standards, and they agreed under the Consumer goods Act 1979 that I was within my rights to pursue for a refund and more to the point why she be allowed to keep not only my money but the goods as well. Defies logic but this is what you're dealing with.

At the time of writing this Trading Standards are currently investigating and hopefully I might see some of my money again. But if not I hope to inform as many people as possible not to make the same mistake as me.

The companies details are as follows.
Managing Director Nji Lorimer
Alyssum Hair
72 Forest Road
WD25 7QH

Ps pictures to follow on here as my laptop has broken so having to do this on my iPad which can't access my photos for some reason. But I'll add them in when I get my new laptop. Thanks for reading.