Thursday, 30 July 2015

Make-up or Make Down: Are we fake for covering up or plain ugly for not bothering?

I recently read an article in the Daily Mail about the beauty Blogger Em Ford, who runs youtube channel "My Pale Skin" about the ugly taunts she received after revealing her acne proned face, whilst removing her make-up.

She received criticism on both sides of the camp, after publishing tutorials on how to cover up blemishes. The comments she received ranged from "You're so ugly" when she was without make-up to "You are beautiful" once she had perfected her look. 

I think it's easy for us all to criticise, however when you're the one being criticised it can be a bitter pill to swallow. Especially if you're young and have not developed a sense of who you are and are confident within your own skin. I remember being taunted when I was younger about the length of my neck, which may sound odd by the sound of it. But I now realise how it gives me a statuesque-elegant look which I love, but I remember how upset I felt and how bullies would taunt me. Not to say I didn't have the odd blemish from time to time, but I think if we all look deeper enough we'll realise we all have had our faults.

However the make-up regime to cover our faults to achieve "the perfect look" can be it's own downfall. As we all know by applying more make-up to cover that blemish, will sometimes do the opposite and by evening time, when you're looking to take your make-up away another blemish has resurfaced, and then the cycle continues. 

On the one-side women should grow a backbone and leave the house with no make-up on  and on the other we want to become a surreal beauty. Welcome to the World of the Woman. 

Personally I would describe myself as highly confident and very secure of who I am. I would also wonder towards the camp attaining ultimate beauty. As I believe that a women's job is never done, and that we are here to look beautiful for our desired partner and I actually enjoy applying make-up!!. 

Creating smokey eyes, sultry looks can really help define you as a person and you can find your personality within your make-up. I think Fake is good, obviously not too masked up, as you're features become a blank and your date ends up running for the hills. But finding your unique look is what we should all be achieving. 

Make-up or Make-Down, tell me what you think? 

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